Vestavia Hills police fatally shot by spouse after battle over cash, detective says

Vestavia Hills police fatally shot by spouse after battle over cash, detective says

Stephanie Keller, center, departs a Jefferson County courtroom Monday, July 29, 2019, flanked by solicitors Rebecca Hyche, right, and Wilson Myers, left.

A Vestavia Hills authorities officer killed within a domestic dispute in their Gardendale apartment had been discovered gravely wounded in the rear of his walk-in cabinet having a gunshot injury to the top their mind, a detective testified on Monday.

Andrew Wade “Andy” Kimbrel, 42, died within the May that is early 3 hours after police say their spouse shot him. Stephanie Nicole Keller, 43, is charged with murder inside her husband’s death.

Details when you look at the killing had been made general general general public Monday the very first time, appearing in a preliminary hearing to find out whether there was clearly sufficient probable cause for the deliberate murder fee against Keller to go to a jury that is grand. Gardendale authorities Det. Kyle Pannell had been the lone witness in hour-long hearing, chronicling what the suspect, along with Kimbrel’s child, told police in what happened that evening in their house.

The shooting occurred right before 11 p.m. that at Kimbrel’s home at Woodbrook Apartments thursday. Kimbrel’s child and Keller’s son – both young teenagers – had been house at that time as well as in their bedrooms that are own.

Police arrived in the scene after Keller called 911, plus they discovered the critically wounded Kimbrel within the part of this master suite cabinet.

The detective testified that there was clearly a pool of bloodstream surrounding a washing container and stated there clearly was additionally bloodstream spatter in the walls.

The few, Pannell testified, had been arguing over Keller joining a gymnasium and employing a trainer that is personal telling him. They even argued over finances as a whole, he stated.

Keller’s son told authorities he had been asleep the time that is entire would not hear or see such a thing. The victim’s daughter, nonetheless, told detectives that the couple fought constantly but said that was more severe than normal night.

Kimbrel’s daughter had been therefore frightened, Pannell testified, that she locked her room home, and utilized Snapchat to reach off to her grandfather in the future get her.

At some time, she told detectives, she heard her daddy say something such as, you just shoot me?“If you think I’m such a bad person, why don’t” She said Keller responded, “Give me personally your weapon.”

The child stated she next heard a noisy “pop,” and then heard Keller say, “Oh my God, Andy, get up.’’

The child remained locked inside her space until Gardendale authorities turned out.

Pannell testified that both young kiddies had been interviewed by detectives, and soon after by professionals during the Prescott home, a kid advocacy center that actually works with police force. He stated Keller, too, had been interviewed all night by detectives after waiving her legal rights.

Pannell stated the few had argued, then gone to sleep, after which argued once more. Pannell stated Keller made a telephone call to a member of family during which she stated something such as, out of my home…“If he thinks he’s going to kick me”

At that true point, Kimbrel got up out of bed and moved down the hallway with Keller after him. Then he stepped back to the bed room and joined the cabinet, once more with Keller near behind.

Keller told detectives that because the argument proceeded, Kimbrel pulled their solution tool away from a bag where he kept their police gear. She stated he “shoved” it into her hand, as well as the weapon discharged. Pannell stated Keller changed the tale times that are several add them struggling on the weapon.

Other inconsistencies, he testified, included her saying she dropped the weapon instantly after it fired, then saying she held it for some moments, then later on saying she put the weapon close to her wounded spouse. After police stated they found a handprint that is bloody the bathroom . chair, Keller admitted for them that she had washed her arms before authorities arrived.

Pannell testified that Keller told detectives that she and her spouse fought frequently, but at first stated it had never ever gotten real. a general told authorities that Keller had as soon as grabbed Kimbrel because of the neck and pressed him contrary to the wall, which she later on acknowledged. She told authorities he previously perhaps not actually assaulted her, while the detective testified she was interviewed in the hours immediately after the deadly shooting that she showed no signs of injury when.

Based on the autopsy, Pannell testified, Kimbrel had been shot near the top of his mind in a downward trajectory. Kimbrel ended up being pronounced dead at UAB Hospital within the predawn hours of this Friday.

The hearing that is preliminary held before Jefferson County District Judge Alaric might. Jefferson County assistant region solicitors Will McComb and Darius Crayton are prosecuting the outcome. Defense solicitors Wilson Myers and Rebecca Hyche are defending Keller.

The protection lawyers argued that the situation will not meet up with the elements that connect with the fee of intentional murder. Prosecutors disagreed, plus the judge agreed with prosecutors, sending the scenario on the meet ukrainian brides jury that is grand. Keller stays away from prison on $100,000 relationship.

Keller left the courtroom without offering any remark, but Myers talked quickly with reporters.

“This could be the first period in an extended procedure. Ms. Keller is faced with deliberate murder and now we don’t believe the reality associated with the situation justify and murder that is intentional,’’ Myers said. “There are a couple of edges, of course, and want to provide a tremendously defense that is vigorous the test down the road.”

“She’s devastated by just just what occurred,’’ he said. “Yes, that they had some challenges within their marriage, but she definitely never ever meant for any such thing similar to this to occur.”